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Lesson 4. The functions of an executive.

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Lesson 4.

The functions of an executive.


Anna is having lunch with her sister Barbara. Anna has just accepted a position as an Administrative Assistant. Her boss is an executive with a firm that manufactures heavy machinery used in construction. …

an executive


an administrator

vice president

head of department



to set objectives

to delegate authority

to work under pressure


to be competent

Exercise 3. Your executive is a very tough man. What should his staff do to please him?

For ideas:

To be creative

To be well

To keep fit

To be punctual

To be enthusiastic

To obey the rules

Exercise 4.

1.     What working position is the best for you?

2.     Are you accustomed to working under pressure?

3.     Are you accustomed to a red-tape job?

4.     Do you want to be an executive or an administrator of the big company? What should you do for it?

5.     What qualities do you need to be an executive of the company?

6.     What does it mean to be a competent manager?


Where and how to hire an employee?

An employer has several options to consider when he wants to hire a new employee. First of all, he may look within his own company. But if he can’t find anybody suitable for the position he will have to look outside the company. If there is a personal office in the company, he can ask them to help him to find a qualified applicant. The employer can also use another valuable sources, for example, employment agencies, consulting firms, placement offices and professional societies. He can also advertise in a newspaper or in a magazine and request candidates to send in resumes.

The employer has two sets of qualifications to consider if he wants to choose from among the applicants. He must consider both professional qualifications and personal characteristics. A candidate’s education, experience and skills are included in his professional qualifications. These can be listed on a resume. Personal characteristics, or personality traits must be evaluated through interviews.

Comprehension questions

1.     Which options should an employer first consider when he wants to hire a new employee?

2.     What service does a personnel department provide?

3.     In what way can be the new employees be found outside one’s company?

4.     What qualifications does the employees consider choosing an employee?

5.     What is meant by “professional qualification” for a job?

6.     What personal characteristics does the administrator consider when choosing an employee?

an option

an employer

an employee

to consider

to be suitable for the position

personnel office

an applicant

valuable source

employment agency

consulting firm

to advertise


two sets of  qualifications


to evaluate through interviews

Vocabulary practice

Exercise 1. Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence.

1.           We are going to interview three … for the position. | 1. advertise

2.           If you need applicants for this position, … in a special section of the local newspaper. | 2. resume

3.           Personnel office will help you to find a new …. | 3. employee

4.           All the information about the staff of the firm can be found in …. | 4. applicant

5.           She has a good … for the position: a college degree, good work  experience. | 5. personnel office

6.           I want to find a new secretary, so I’ll call an employment …. | 6. qualification

7.           If you are an applicant for the position, you have to write your …. | 7. agency

8.           Don’t ask him … questions, it will be impolite. | 8. personal

Exercise 2. Translate into English.

1.     Его должность в компании очень важна.

2.     Администратор ставит цели, принимает на работу, увольняет.

3.     Она не любит работать по принуждению.

4.     Я привычен к канцелярской работе.

5.     Управляющий должен быть компетентным.

6.     Руководитель этой группы – очень талантливый специалист.

7.     Нам нужно нанять нового служащего.

8.     Поместите объявление в газету.

9.     Этот руководитель с большим опытом.

10.  Мы должны рассмотреть два вида характеристик.

11.  Кандидаты на должность должны послать резюме.

12.  Вы найдете всю информацию в отделе кадров.

13. Обратитесь в агентство по найму.

14.  Наниматель должен обратиться в консультационную фирму.


                         Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1.   Put the verbs in brackets into the proper present tense (Present Indefinite, Present Continuous or Present Perfect).

1. The vice president usually (to set) objectives for the staff.

2. Don't disturb me, please, I (to work) with annual report.

3. This firm often (to advertise) in different newspapers and magazines.

4. We advertised in the special section of the newspaper but we (not to receive) the resumes yet.

5. We (to evaluate) already the candidates through the interview.

6. We (to look for) a specialist suitable for the position at the present moment.

7. He (to send just his resume and the letter of interest.

         8. They (to fire) the manager.  He was not suitable for the position.

9. You have to wait a little. He (to consult) with the executive,

Additional Exercise

If you decide to apply for a job in the western countries, you will probably need to form two documents: a letter of interest and a resume. This is the way how to do it. Read the letter of interest and a resume and try to write your own documents of the same kind.

a)    a letter of interest

Dear sir or madam!

I graduated from Tver state university in 1985. Now I  am finishing my post-graduate studies to defend my candidate thesis this winter. My major is called the theory of literature which includes the study of the history of Russian and foreign literature. 

I am interested in working in the Russian department of  your university as a teacher of  Russian and Russian literature for  the school year 1991-1992. in high school I gained experiences teaching Russian to foreign students. In you department I could assist in the teaching of grammar, conduct
a class in Russian conversation or give lectures on Russian literature.

If you are interested please write me at the above address. I will look forward to hearing from you.


Ivanov I.I.    

b) a resume                                               

EDUCATION    Tver State University, Faculty of Modern  Languages, English Department (1983). Tver State University. Post-graduate studentship (1990).

EXPERIENCE    Tver State University. The Department of Foreign Literature. I deliver lectures on      European Literature of the 17-18th centuries (Fall 1988 - present). Tver State University. The Department of Russian Literature.       

Lecturer on Russian Literature of the 19- 20 centuries at the Preparatory Department (Fall 1988 - summer 1990). Tver State University. Summer Courses of Russian Language for Foreign Students. Teacher of Russian Language (Summer 1989, 1990). Tver State University. The Department of Foreign Languages for Humanities. Teacher of English (1986-1988). Tver secondary school teacher of English, German, Literature (1983-1986).

ACTIVITIES      Intercontact Cooperative Firm. Courses of intensive studies of foreign languages. Teacher of English (Fall 1989 - present). Tver State University Exchange Program bw. Tver and Eastern Washington Universities. Tutor of American post-graduates in Russian conversational skills (Fall 1989 – winter 1990) Private English lessons (Fall 1989 – present).

PUBLICATIONS I am the author of 6 articles published in different editions of collections of articles. The topic of these publications is connected with folk and romantic British balladry. This is the subject of my candidate thesis which I am going to defend this winter.

LANGUAGES Russian (native language), English, German.

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